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Telehealth at the Houston Cancer Institute

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought significant changes in our everyday lives as well as the way that patients and doctors interact. 

The Houston Cancer Institute has been open throughout the whole pandemic taking care of our patients. To ensure patient and staff safety medical consultations, infusions and treatments, diagnostic services have been provided in a safe and protected manner at all our locations. 

 By following CDC protocols for screening, masking and distancing the Houston Cancer Institute has been providing care to patients without interruptions. 

When appropriate we use electronic information and telecommunication technology – sometimes called Telehealth or Telemedicine - to provide care by telephone communication or a device using secure HIPAA compliant internet access such as a smart phone, a secure video chat via computer or electronic pad for patients who do not wish to come into the office or who are unable to do so.  


What you need for a Telehealth visit 

If you have a regular phone or a smart phone, a computer or e- pad with internet access, you already have everything you need to get medical care and selected services through Telehealth. 

The benefits of a Telehealth visit 

A consultation with our doctor or provider in real-time to 

  • Discuss any problems you are experiencing 
  • Review Lab test or x-ray or scan results
  • Discuss therapy results or changes in treatment planning 
  • Receive online counseling about your condition
  • Review recurring chronic conditions 
  • Review medications and their management to ensure you have adequate supply of needed medications
  • Send prescriptions electronically to your pharmacy 

Doctors may ask you to:

  • Share vital signs such as blood pressure, temperature, pulse, oxygen saturation, blood sugar, or other condition monitoring information
  • Share images of how a wound, or skin condition is healing or changing
  • Document symptoms
  • Authorize us to request medical records from a referring doctor regarding your condition 


How to prepare for a Telehealth consultation 

The nine steps to a successful Telehealth visit 

  • Know your appointment time and mark it on your calendar
  • Set up your smart phone or computer in a private and quiet area of your home prior to your appointment. Avoid having any background TV or other noises in the room. 
  • Make sure you have good telephone and internet reception at your location 
  • If you have any special concerns write them down prior to the call so you don’t forget them 
  • Have all your medications and your pharmacy name, telephone and address available so you can share them with your doctor 
  • If you monitor your vitals at home make sure you have them documented and available to share with your doctor, example BP, pulse, oxygen saturation, temperature 
  • If you see multiple doctors write their names down prior to your visit as you may need to share that information with the doctor 
  • If you have been hospitalized recently have your discharge information available
  • Have a trusted family member at your side if necessary to help you with the process or if you need assistance with the technology 

How to connect with the Houston Cancer Institute for the Telehealth visit 

  • The Houston Cancer Institute Staff will call to advise you of the time and date of your appointment with the doctor 
  • If you have requested a phone call only (with no video chat) you will be contacted by phone and connected to the office line and staff to begin your visit
  • If you are using a computer, e-pad or smart phone, you will need to share your preferred email with us so we can send you a secure electronic link to connect with us 
  • If you are using a smart phone you will receive a text message with the link to connect with us 
  • Once you receive the link from our office CLICK on the link to connect to the office 
  • You will need to indicate the patient name in the box shown and to sign an online consent prior to starting the call 
  • Press the CHECK IN button after you connect and the receptionist will connect with you 
  • When you press CHECK IN you will need to approve for the receptionist to access your camera and microphone so we can connect with you. 
  • You will be then ready to start your visit. 

  • After your Telehealth visit with the doctor is completed, you will be connected to the front desk to receive follow up appointment instructions, any test scheduling instructions as necessary and any other additional information you may need. 


Call the Houston Cancer Institute at 713-464-9559 to request a Telehealth appointment at any of our locations.

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